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Mullet Dragon

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Mullet Dragon born MIKE WOODS is from Nashville, Tennessee.  Born and raised.  He started his career early signing a recording and publishing agreement with an imprint of Warner Brothers and toured with artists like Snoop Dog and the Killers and Played festivals like lollapalooza and SXSW.  He moved to Los Angles to focus on songwriting and producing for others artists which is where he co wrote two Grammy Award winning albums for Tobymac.  

Mullet Dragon first song "Candy COlored Porsche" released by Neon Savant Records reached #61 on the itunes  Apple Music top 100 pop song charts.  His follow up "Mullet on My Shoulder" featured Riff Raff.  

Mike is also involved in crypto currency and is the first successful songwriter to launch their own crypto currency.  You can purchase Mullet Dragon Token on the smart chain and find the contract address on the website

Mike also enjoys the fashion mullet and hair industry and is the owner of Mullet Magic Hair Clay, the worlds best all purpose hair clay.  He is always improving his music as well as the hair product.

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